Interface_DSSCurrent scientific research is involved in the creation and development of models enabling to achieve a better understanding, representation and prevision of key real physical processes. By their nature and natural inclination generally research scientists develop models that are encoded at a levels not easily manipulated by not-expert users. To fill this significant gap, researchers from CRISP Centre worked for years to enclose the power of know-how and models in user friendly web based Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) to be applied as support tools in decision-making. These tools are designed and used via the web so as to be accessible by any user without the need to install additional software. The decision support systems are built over Geospatial Cyber Infrastructures (GCI), which if properly fed with environmental data (e.g. soils and climate) may offer a wide range of applications and answers thanks to the models that represent the real “engines” of these GCI. The current challenge of the CRISP is the combination of high detail and accuracy data with advanced models characterized by low parameterization and simplified graphical user interface. This challenge is leading to the realization of several tools thought to support different users in the field of agriculture, forest and environment.

You can find the first two SDSS realised by CRISP at the following links:   Soilconsweb ;   Soilmonitor ;

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